Everyone knows who a dentist is and what they do. And while we could also use a reminder to make regular visits for cleaning and check-ups, we know that the dentist is the first stop for aches, pains, knocked-out teeth, and more.


But, is the dentist the only person you can call for help, no matter the dental concern? Not exactly. In fact, when it comes to issues that go beyond the teeth and dental care, your dentist will likely refer you to another specialist, such as a periodontist in Oakville.


One of the biggest reasons to see a periodontist is if you are missing some teeth. While your first instinct may be to see a dentist, a periodontist is often more equipped to help you, especially if you’re considering dental implants. Periodontists train extensively to perform this advanced procedure, providing them with highly specialized skills and experience in restoring your smile.


So, do you want to learn more about dental implants but don’t know who to call? Find out the best person to help you, and learn what difference a periodontist can make.


Who are periodontists? Skill, training, and expertise


Simply, periodontists are dentists with specialized training in periodontics. After completing dental school, they complete a three-year post-graduate program in periodontics, where they learn to diagnose and treat problems in the gums, bones, and tissues that support the teeth. These include gum disease, gingivitis, gum recession, oral pathology, and more.


By specializing in periodontics, they also train in advanced surgical procedures, such as implantology. This makes them highly trained in replacing your missing teeth with dental implants.


Your Periodontist Can be the Key to Dental Implant Success


It’s not uncommon for some dentists to perform dental implant procedures. However, you may be better served than a periodontist. Thanks to their advanced training in surgical procedures, you can trust that a periodontist is less likely to make mistakes in your dental implant procedure.


But more than their certification, it’s important to choose a periodontist with years of reputable experience and high success rates. Before booking your procedure, find out about your periodontist’s experience and browse feedback from other patients with dental implants.


Why Your Periodontist in Oakville Matters: The Complexity of Dental Implants


Your Tooth Replacement Needs


A lot of people have missing teeth, but each case is unique and every person has different tooth replacement needs. Dental implants are not a cookie-cutter treatment—and a good periodontist abides by that. Simply, it’s not just a matter of placing an implant in the gap left by a missing tooth. 


Before recommending dental implants, your periodontist needs to be sure that you are a good candidate. They will conduct a thorough assessment using x-rays and 3D scans, and review your dental and medical history to better understand your tooth replacement needs. Then, your periodontist will design a personalized treatment plan based on the number and location of missing teeth.


It’s only with this detailed planning and precision that a dental implant procedure succeeds. It takes a highly skilled and qualified periodontist to plan for the replacement of one or an entire arch of teeth, use the latest tools and techniques, and prevent implant failure.


Getting Dental Implants is a Multi-Step Procedure


For some people, getting dental implants is a straightforward procedure. But it isn’t always the case. Others may not be a good candidate for implants because their jawbone doesn’t have enough bone density or volume —it’s not strong enough to support a dental implant.


If your periodontist finds that your jawbone is not sufficient to withstand the procedure and support an implant, they will recommend a bone graft. Placing a bone graft is an additional step in your dental implant procedure, which adds to your recovery time.


Similarly, if the teeth to be replaced are damaged or have remaining fragments, these will need to be extracted. Finally, if you also have gum disease or need a gum graft, your periodontist will treat these before you can get dental implants.


Risks of Choosing an Inexperienced Dentist or Implant Surgeon


Ultimately, the success of your dental implant procedure relies on your periodontist. Their skill, training, and experience are vital to your safety and long-term oral health. Choosing a less experienced periodontist can put you at risk in these ways:


  • Oversight: Inexperienced dentists are prone to missing crucial details about your case. During the consultation, they may not accurately diagnose the health of your jawbone or see basic issues like gingivitis that need to be treated. As a result, the implant can fail.
  • Surgical errors: Surgery is a skill, and the only way to get better at it is with training and experience. Because of this, a less experienced periodontist is more likely to make an error during the most crucial parts of the procedure, particularly the implantation. An error during this part can cause complications, ultimately leading to implant failure.


Meet Our Expertly Trained and Experienced Periodontists in Oakville


At Periodontal Associates, we pride ourselves on being built and led by a team of certified and highly qualified periodontists in Oakville. For us, it’s simple: we believe in partnering our patients like you with the best person for the job. It’s how we ensure that your dental implants succeed and your complete, healthy smile is effectively restored.


We can achieve these by working with the right people to meet your tooth replacement and long-term periodontal needs. Our team of periodontists in Oakville are highly trained and experienced, with the necessary credentials to certify that they’re leaders in implantology and oral surgery. Most importantly, we’ve built a successful practice with happy, healthy, and satisfied patients whose renewed smiles speak to our success rates.


Looking for the most qualified and dedicated periodontist in Oakville? You’re in the right place. Find out more about our team at Periodontal Associates. See how our unparalleled skills and experience in providing dental implants can restore your smile.

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