Kids all around Mississauga are packing in their school books for the lazy days of summer vacation.  That means the chances are good that you’ll be spending more time with your own kids, in some cases 24/7. They are watching your every move and learning how to function in this world by doing as you do… not as you say.

You are your child’s best role model for helping them develop good oral health habits that last a lifetime.

Statistics show that those who consumed sugary foods like cakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate candy, and soft drinks most often (at least five times a week) had a 73 percent higher risk of having periodontal disease in at least two teeth than those who never ate those foods. (Source: Am. J. Clin. Nutr. 100: 1182, 2014.)

Go ahead and do summer, but teach your kids that fun doesn’t have to include those activities and foods that are toxic to their dental health. It’s always a great idea to remind yourself too.

Summer Fair Foods

There’s nothing quite like the sounds of the games, the thrill of the rides and the smells from the food trucks. Avoid temptation and make good choices when looking for that fair snack. Our team at Periodontal Associates highly recommend saying NO to the following: candy apples, cotton candy, popcorn and snow cones. If you do happen to indulge, brush and floss your teeth immediately upon getting home! If you brush and floss together, your child will see that you are as committed to your dental health, as you are to theirs.

Sugary Drinks

We don’t know why it happens, but whenever you go to a picnic, a playdate or a backyard party, there are always sugary drinks. While we’re happy to see that water is making a return we don’t love disposable plastic bottles, so make sure you bring your own reusable water bottle everywhere you go and you’ll be less tempted to reach for what’s on hand.


While you may not have to be up at the crack of dawn to get the kids ready for school, summer isn’t an excuse to be lazy. Good overall health has been proven effective in fighting periodontal disease, so take advantage of the good weather and stay (or get) active. Not only will you feel good, but you’ll have a great time with your kids coming up with creative activities to enjoy together.

With the increasing number of studies that show a correlation between poor dental health and other health concerns, we say it’s more important than ever to teach good oral hygiene. While not all periodontal disease can be avoided with good habits if you can reduce your risk, why wouldn’t you?

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