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The next best thing to real teeth, dental implants are designed to look, feel, and function like your natural teeth leading to a new confident smile! Dental implants in Mississauga can even provide better long-term value than conventional teeth replacement options. At Periodontal Associates, our professional team of implantology and periodontics specialists can assist you with your dental implant procedure. We are specialists in the treatment of gum disease, cosmetic procedures, and enhancing your smile! In this article by Periodontal Associates, we will talk about why dental implants in Mississauga are so popular and introduce you to a member of our team!

Dental implants for individual missing teeth

Many patients who find themselves with a tooth so decayed or broken that simple restorative dental work like, fillings, crowns, root canals, etc, discover that the tooth cannot be saved and that it needs to be removed before an infection starts to spread. Before dental implants were an option, dentists would have to use dental bridges to replace even a single missing tooth, which is not ideal. For single missing teeth, a dental implant only involves the missing tooth and no others. It also has a much longer lifespan and shouldn’t need replacing unless the patient doesn’t care for it at all.

Dental implants are durable and last much longer

A single dental implant properly taken care of can last the lifetime of the patient. Over the last 20 years, the use of dental implants have proven they are extremely predictable and can last much longer than other dental restorative work. They cannot get cavities, and the only way one can fall out of place is if the patient suffers from extreme bone loss, something that is caught and fixed early on as long as they stick to their regular check-ups. Dental implants in Mississauga are also made to be very aesthetically pleasing as they look identical to natural teeth. Using an all porcelain crown instead of ones with metal in them creates the appearance of a healthy, unrestored tooth.

Meet our female periodontist, Dr. Quyen Su!

Dr-Su female periodontist mississaugaDr. Quyen Su is an expert in comprehensive periodontal care and implant-related therapy. Periodontal Associates is proud to have her as a member of our professional team! Dr. Su is a Canadian Board-certified Periodontist with a Bachelor in Medical Science, and a Doctor Dental Medicine. If you need to have a dental implant in Mississauga, our female periodontist, Dr. Quyen Su, is ready to take your appointment!

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