confidence seeking cosmetic dentistry mississaugaTalking with a periodontist is a great first step to regaining confidence through your smile

When September comes around I can’t help but think of the excitement I once felt when going back-to-school. The anticipation of a new year, a fresh start, meeting new people… it’s like it was yesterday. As an adult there are few things that provide that same thrill, but starting a new job comes to mind.

What would happen if a fresh start is anything but exciting to you? Is a less than perfect smile affecting your confidence and social game? It doesn’t have to. Talking to a periodontal expert in Mississauga about the possibility of dental implants or gum grafting to correct imperfect smiles is a positive step.

The Periodontal Experts in Mississauga Giving People Reasons to Smile with Confidence

A smile, while a seemingly simple act, is one of the most powerful tools we have in our arsenal when facing any new situation. A smile is a perfect icebreaker, but for those with smile imperfections there can be a sense of anxiety or lack of confidence when entering new territory. That lack of confidence directly relates to the ease and frequency of smiles.

For those with an easy grin, a smile can open doors and allow the person to be authentic and in the moment without fear of exposing any imperfections. For those not wanting to expose their teeth, for whatever reason – perhaps due to discoloured, missing or misaligned teeth (all which can be corrected with some simple periodontal treatments) – they may run up against negative first impressions and overall biased perceptions from those they meet.

Why are we prone to putting so much emphasis on such a simple feature? A smile not only conveys a warm greeting, it immediately impacts perception of you. A smile is often associated with positive qualities such as being sociable, trustworthy, kind and, believe it or not, intelligent. While these are simply perceptions and not necessarily reflective of true personality traits, the first impression of someone who smiles versus someone who doesn’t is very different.

Restorative Dentistry in Mississauga Can Restore Confidence

For those looking to restore or create an optimal smile and increase confidence and self-esteem, we recommend talking to a periodontist. Our team at Periodontal Associates in Mississauga is expertly trained on assessing and treating various forms of periodontal disease. Whether you require gum grafting, dental implants or crown lengthening, look for an expert in the field and ensure you have an open discussion about your options, expectations and care.

When looking to restore your smile, look for the best periodontal team you can find. Your smile is worth nothing less.

We’d love to help you address your smile concerns. Call us at 1-800-341-7471 or connect via email at [email protected]. Until then… keep smiling!

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