Pockets between your teeth and gums can be a major issue

deep pockets periodontist mississaugaFor the first time in my life, I have deep pockets. Before you congratulate me, thinking I’ve won the lottery, let me explain. In my case, deep pockets isn’t a reference to the bundles of money I have (right…), but a reference to the size of the pockets between my teeth and gums… an early sign of possible periodontitis. Yeah… not a good thing. Here’s my story…

At a routine dental cleaning visit, my dentist explained that the pockets between my gums and teeth were measuring just over 4mm, slightly above normal. She was concerned about the amount of plaque and tartar build-up she was seeing and rather than chancing infection requiring more serious periodontal intervention such as bone regeneration or dental implants, she referred me to the experts at Periodontal Associates in Mississauga.

When I met with Dr. Quyen Su, she confirmed that I needed a deep clean to help clear out the tartar and bacterial build-up that was causing the gum inflammation she was seeing. This is the most conservative method to treat gum disease. Based on the amount of work to be done, I was scheduled in for two sessions and given a local anesthetic at each visit to help manage the discomfort. I didn’t feel a thing!

Tartar and Plaque and Calculus… Oh My!

The two-step procedure involved thoroughly scaling all excess plaque, bacteria and tartar deposits from my teeth and root surfaces. To help prevent future build-up Dr. Su also performed root planing, which smoothed out all rough areas on my roots’ surface, allowing my gums to heal and re-attach themselves more firmly.
Although this was a lot of work, I only experienced mild gum tenderness for about a day after the procedure; I did not need to take any medications. Dr. Su kept an eye on my progress with a follow-up exam.

So, I no longer have “deep pockets,” but that’s a good thing. While I may not be able to prevent future pockets from forming, I will be more diligent in my flossing and brushing routine moving forward. Gum protection is now my number one priority and while I really do believe I was in the hands of one of the best periodontists in Mississauga, I don’t want a repeat visit.

As experts in periodontal treatments, specializing in dental implants, gum recession, crown lengthening, bone grafting and more, we’d love to help you address your dental and smile concerns. Call us at 1-800-341-7471 or connect via email at [email protected]. Until then… keep smiling! We are located in Mississauga near Square One.

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