Many Canadians go their entire lives without seeing a periodontist. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t need to. In fact, with many periodontal concerns going undetected, it’s likely that many people experience gum disease and other complications, but never receive the care they need.


It’s time we changed that. In most cases, visiting a periodontist in Mississauga starts with a referral from your dentist. They recommend it if they observe signs of gum disease or gum recession, or if you require a more intensive and permanent tooth replacement, such as dental implants.


But before you go, you need to know what to expect during your first visit. This is especially helpful if you feel scared or anxious during dental treatments. And now, our periodontists in Mississauga will walk you through the entire periodontal consultation, so you can prepare for a productive visit.


Why You Need to See a Periodontist


The dentist is most likely your first stop when you experience discomfort, damage, or any other problems in your teeth, and even the gums. But when you need advanced, specialized care for your gums and the tissues and bones that support your teeth, a periodontist is the best person for the job. Knowing this can help you get into the mindset of a periodontal consultation.


Periodontists initially study to become general dentists before specializing in periodontics, a field of dentistry that is responsible for maintaining healthy gums and providing tooth replacements, such as dental implants.your periodontist in Mississauga provides preventative, emergent, and cosmetic treatments to treat problems that affect the gums, tissues, and jawbone.


Most often, periodontists in Mississauga look for these signs of gum disease and other complications during your consultation:


  • Gums that feel tender, are swollen, and/or bleed easily
  • Chronic bad breath or halitosis even after you brush your teeth
  • Pain and sores in the mouth
  • Pus between the gums and teeth
  • Teeth that feel loose and tooth loss that cannot be explained (i.e., not due to an injury or impact to the mouth)
  • Changes to your bite


What is a periodontal consultation?


A periodontal consultation is a visit to your periodontist that includes communicating your symptoms or reason for your visit, a check-up or exam of the gums, tissues, and bones that support the teeth, and a review of your medical history. 


If this is your first visit to a periodontist in Mississauga, the consultation is essentially your introduction to periodontal care. This session will be dedicated to meeting your periodontist and diagnosing your symptoms, as well as learning about treatment options.


What happens during a periodontal consultation?


Once you arrive at your periodontist’s office in Mississauga, you may be asked to complete some intake forms and confirm the reason for your visit. Then, your periodontist will start the consultation.


A periodontal consultation often includes four parts:


  1. Interview


Your periodontal consultation starts with a short interview or conversation with your periodontist. They will ask questions about your dental and medical history, hygiene habits, and lifestyle. They will also ask about the reason for your visit, such as your dentist’s initial diagnosis of gum disease, need for dental implants, and other periodontal concerns.


  1. Exam


After the interview, your periodontist in Mississauga will proceed with an exam to confirm the symptoms and periodontal health factors discussed earlier. A visual exam typically includes your teeth, gums, neck, jaw, throat, and the entire mouth. Your periodontist may take x-rays or scans to visualize the structures in your mouth in detail. This allows them to examine the jawbone in-depth and diagnose bone loss.


  1. Analysis


After taking the x-rays and completing the visual exam, your periodontist will compile and analyze their findings. This allows them to provide an accurate diagnosis of your condition and inform you of the necessary treatment. Their findings will inform a personalized treatment plan developed just for you to address your concerns.


  1. Questions 


Once you get a diagnosis and learn about your treatment plan, you can take this opportunity to ask questions. A big part of your periodontal consultation is understanding what needs to be treated and how, as well as the potential complications and risks to consider.


Some questions to ask your periodontist in Mississauga include:


  • Qualifications: Don’t be afraid to ask your periodontist about their qualifications. By asking about their education, training, and experience, you can confirm that they are certified in periodontics and fully equipped to support your periodontal care. You can ask how long they’ve been practicing and if they specialize in certain aspects of periodontal care, such as dental implants.
  • Treatment philosophy: Every periodontist approaches treatment differently, so it’s important to know if you are comfortable with your periodontist’s treatment philosophy. You can ask if they prefer surgery or non-surgical treatment methods, such as lifestyle changes, and if needed, consult another professional for a second opinion to confirm that your periodontist is making the right recommendation.
  • Cost: It’s no secret that periodontal care can be expensive. During your consultation, talk to your periodontist about the cost, and see if they accept your insurance coverage, as well as available financing options to make sure that the treatment does not result in undue financial burden.
  • Amenities: Finally, talk to your periodontist about clinic amenities and other interventions that enhance periodontal care. During your consultation, you can ask about levels of sedation available, as well as the overall clinic environment to make sure that the entire experience suits your treatment goals.


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