Everyone knows that regular visits to the dentist are essential to keeping your teeth and gums healthy. But did you know that there is more to maintaining good oral health—and other specialists who can provide more than basic dental care in Oakville?


Two of these specialists are periodontists and endodontists. These specialists provide advanced treatment for the gums, bones, tissues, and roots that support the teeth and perform specific procedures that may be beyond the scope of a general dentist’s training, such as dental implants. Together, they ensure complete oral health, from the teeth to the roots and bone below the gum line.


Are you wondering about the difference between a periodontist and an endodontist? Learn about what they do and how they protect your long-term oral health.


What is a periodontist?


A periodontist is a specialist that focuses on treating the gums. Most commonly, periodontists treat gum disease and its severe form, periodontal disease. Aside from gum disease treatment, they also specialize in oral surgery techniques, allowing them to replace missing teeth with dental implants. Periodontists become certified by completing a postgraduate program in periodontics after their training in general dentistry.


What is an endodontist?


Similar to periodontists, endodontists are also specialist dentists who complete additional training in treating the roots of the teeth. Endodontists specialize in performing root canals and other treatments that keep the roots of the teeth and the structures beneath the gum line healthy.


Periodontist vs. Endodontist: Differences in Treatments


Both periodontists and endodontists specialize in treating specific areas of the mouth and contribute differently to your long-term oral health. With oral healthcare going beyond the teeth and impacting the gums and areas below the gum line, you need to know the right person to consult. Here are some key differences between periodontists and endodontists.


Problems Treated




Periodontists primarily treat oral health problems that affect the gums, tissues, and bones that support the teeth. The most common of which is gum disease or periodontal disease. They can also perform pocket reduction surgery, gum grafting, the Chao Pinhole Surgical Technique, and other treatments for gum recession.


In addition, periodontists perform cosmetic fixes, which may also impact oral health. They perform crown lengthening to balance the appearance of the surfaces of the teeth and gum tissue, as well as bite adjustments to correct misaligned teeth. Finally, periodontists also treat missing teeth permanently with dental implants.




On the other hand, endodontists are most concerned with problems in the surfaces of the teeth that are below the gum line. Specifically, they treat symptoms that originate in the roots of the tooth, such as sensitivity to hot or cold and ongoing pain from a filling or root canal. Other issues treated by an endodontist include cracks in the teeth, which could result in an infection deep inside.


Procedures Performed


Periodontists and endodontists both perform specialized, highly advanced dental procedures. These can be oral surgeries or non-surgical treatments. However, they differ in the treatment areas and specific procedures performed.




Since periodontists specialize in treating the gums and issues that progress into the jawbone, they perform a wide range of procedures.


The most common ailment that periodontists in Oakville treat is gum disease. They perform scaling and root planing to deep clean the gums and roots of the teeth, removing infection-causing plaque and tartar. Similarly, they recommend a pocket reduction to close the gaps between the teeth and gums caused by gum disease.


For cases of gum recession, they recommend soft tissue grafting to treat a receded gum line and cover exposed roots of teeth. On the flip side, they also perform cosmetic fixes like crown lengthening to correct the appearance of a “gummy” smile and expose more tooth surfaces for restoration.


Finally, periodontists are trained in oral surgery and implantology. Thanks to the breadth of their training that includes the jawbone, they can help you replace missing teeth with dental implants. 


Placed in the jawbone and fused with it as it heals, dental implants enable a complete tooth replacement system. They function as the new roots of artificial teeth, anchoring them in place so you can bite, talk, and smile as you would with a complete set of teeth. Additionally, periodontists may perform a bone graft to strengthen the jawbone in preparation for dental implants.




Endodontists primarily treat the roots of teeth, and the most common procedure for these is root canal treatments. Endodontists perform a root canal to remove the inflamed pulp of an infected or abscessed tooth. They clean the affected tooth and place a filling to seal it/


Similarly, endodontists perform root canal retreatment to treat a root canal that has become infected and if a previously treated tooth was not covered with a crown right away. Finally, root canal retreatment can be necessary if there are gaps inside the tooth that were not properly cleaned the first time to prevent tooth loss and reduce discomfort.


Finally, endodontists also perform root-end surgeries. They use specialized equipment such as surgical microscopes and imaging tools to remove the tip of the tooth and fill the root end cavity with a biocompatible material.


Ask Our Periodontists in Oakville if Periodontal Treatment is Right for You


Now that you know that there are other oral health specialists who provide advanced dental care, it’s time to find out if you need to see our periodontists in Oakville. 


Your dentist will recommend visiting a periodontist if they detect signs of gum disease, gum recession, and other ailments that affect the gums. Similarly, if you want to replace missing teeth lost to rapid decay, infection, or injuries, it’s best to see a periodontist who can complete treatment from the jawbone to crown restoration. On the other hand, if you are experiencing problems in the roots of your teeth, they may recommend visiting an endodontist. 


At Periodontal Associates, our clinic is composed of highly trained, certified, and experienced periodontists. Your dentist in Oakville may refer you to our clinic if they detect problems in the gums and bones that support the teeth. During your consultation, our periodontists in Oakville will explain your specialized treatment needs and ensure that you get the right treatment right away.


Do you want to learn more about visiting our periodontists in Oakville? Visit Periodontal Associates today to get specialized care for your gums, jawbone, and smile. Learn about our cutting-edge treatments, including dental implants.

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