Gum Grafting: A Happy Ending for Receding Gums

Gums, Don’t Leave Me! Issues with Receding Gums? As we age, it is a common occurrence for the gums to begin to shrink or recede, exposing the roots of teeth and putting them at risk for damage and decay. You may not realize that your gums receding because it happens...

The Most Important Resolutions You Make: Your Dental Health

Periodontal Care: Aim for the Best As we partake in the holiday season celebrations, we are undoubtedly surrounded by temptation at every turn. Cookies, pies, wine, cocktails and social smoking or vaping might be how you unwind; however, you might want to consider...

Looking for the Best in Periodontal Care… Let’s Talk

Periodontal Care: Aim for the Best If you are seeking a referral to a highly-recommended periodontist in the Mississauga area, you will want to research periodontal offices and teams that offer a wide-range of services. The last thing you want is to waste time...

The Real Cost of Ignoring Periodontal Disease

Ignoring Periodontal Disease and What It Means to You One of the first questions our front desk team often get asked is “How much do dental implants cost?” or “What is the cost of gum grafting?” We get it. Not everyone has an unlimited amount of spending in their...


Periodontal health can have an affect on our overall health. Statistically speaking, men are less likely to go to the dentist, even though they have a higher incidence of plaque and tartar than women. These reasons may factor into why 56.4% of men get periodontal disease compared to 38.4% of women. All of those men need to be aware of the ways in which periodontal disease in men can complicate other health issues.

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