Gum Grafting: A Happy Ending for Receding Gums

Gums, Don’t Leave Me! Issues with Receding Gums? As we age, it is a common occurrence for the gums to begin to shrink or recede, exposing the roots of teeth and putting them at risk for damage and decay. You may not realize that your gums receding because it happens...

Female Periodontist Mississauga, Dr. Quyen Su

Finding a female periodontist in Mississauga is easy when you choose Periodontal Associates. Dr. Su, at Periodontal Associates, is a Canadian Board-certified Periodontist FRCD(C) who offers comprehensive periodontal care including implant-related therapy. Dr. Su...
Gum Grafting: The Perfect Wedding Season Smile

Gum Grafting: The Perfect Wedding Season Smile

A Story from a Satisfied Client about Gum Grafting I knew I would be attending many weddings this summer, so naturally, I wanted to make sure my smile was perfect for all the photos. In preparation for the season, I had noticed that I had a few bottom teeth that were...
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