My dentist suggested a consultation with Periodontal Associates in Mississauga due to erosion of my gums and possible periodontal disease. That was the worst news to have received over the holidays. When I told her that I don’t have the time or the money to pursue this right now, she stopped for a minute, looked me in the eye and said the words that I didn’t want to hear but that make absolute sense, “You deserve the gift of a healthy smile for life.”

Then she went on to explain that if I don’t address my early-stage periodontal disease right now, it will only continue to worsen and potentially develop into a much more severe that could require dental implants. So, this is how I find myself sitting in an examination chair at Periodontal Associates right before the holidays. And, what I learned made me glad that I came.

Did you know that not only can periodontal disease affect your mouth and your smile, but it has far-reaching health effects. And, as a woman, my hormonal changes had an affect on my gum health. The experts at Periodontal Associates explained that hormonal changes can affect the tissues in the body, including the gums. And these hormonal fluctuations likely made me more prone to gum disease.

My dentist was absolutely right. I do deserve the gift of a healthy smile and I’m glad I made the time and decision to proactively manage my gum health. This is the best holiday present I could have given myself.

I urge you to call PA today and give yourself the gift of a healthy Christmas smile.


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