While brushing my teeth I noticed some blood on my toothbrush so I immediately made an appointment with the Mississauga Periodontal Associates. During my appointment, the Periodontal Associates did a very thorough examination of my mouth and determined that my gums were sensitive due to my aggressive brushing habits. The team demonstrated proper brushing techniques so the bleeding would subside.

Bleeding gums can be a symptom of Periodontal Disease. As a result, the Periodontal Associates warned me of the possible dangers of the disease, including the early detection signs and methods of prevention. Prevention and early detection are key to controlling the spread of the disease when symptoms present themselves. Together we developed a long-term maintenance plan to keep my teeth and gums in their current healthy state.

Periodontal Disease can occur at any time, and the risks increase as we age. Proper oral care, and maintenance is the best defence against the onset of the disease. The Periodontal Associates teach each of their patients how to maintain excellent oral health to minimize the risks.

It has been determined that the three biggest risk factors for Periodontal Disease are:

  • High stress levels
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Faulty dental work

There are additional high risk factors that can contribute to poor oral health including, but not limited to, smoking, poor diet, aging, decrease in bone density and genetic predisposition.

If left undetected, Periodontal Disease will become a danger to the patient as it impedes the natural defences in the body from responding appropriately to increased levels of harmful bacteria. Having regular check-ups, and cleanings will go a long way in detecting and preventing any signs of the disease.

For more information on the risk factors of Periodontal Disease – as well as detection and prevention – visit the Periodontal Associates office in Mississauga. The team will be happy to provide a complete assessment and discuss a long-term maintenance plan. Contact the Mississauga office today at 647-360-9742 to book a consultation.

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