Lost a Tooth? Consider Permanent Dental Implants

Permanent Dental Implants in Mississauga

A missing tooth leaves a hole in your smile and can make you feel less confident. There are several ways to replace missing teeth including bridges, partial dentures, and dental implants. Of all of the options, permanent dental implants provide the most structure, permanence and look most like natural teeth. Dental implants are surgically inserted into the jawbone where the titanium implant fuses to the bone. A connector is screwed onto the implant and is covered by a dental crown that is modeled to match your other teeth. The implant provides a strong base for the new tooth to bite and chew and prevents remaining teeth from shifting.  

Mississauga Periodontist – Keep Your Gums Healthy

Even with the higher cost of dental implants you still need to brush and floss regularly to ensure that your gums stay healthy and strong around the implant. Improper or infrequent brushing and lack of proper flossing can lead to gingivitis which then leads to gum disease. In turn, gum disease is known to increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and other vascular diseases. If you notice any of the signs of gingivitis and gum disease (swelling, bleeding, tenderness, and chronic bad breath) you should find a Mississauga periodontist to assess the condition of your gums as soon as possible. 

Correcting Receding Gums with Gum Grafting

Even before gum disease sets in, you may experience receding gums. Gum recession doesn’t necessarily mean that gum disease is present, however, receding gums are a risk factor. Receding gums cause the root of the tooth to become exposed. When roots are exposed they are at greater risk of decay or damage which can threaten the viability of the entire tooth. Not to mention, exposed roots cause the discomfort of sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drinks. Receding gums can be treated with gum grafting by the best periodontists. In the gum grafting procedure, a piece of tissue is taken from the roof of the mouth or from a donor and is attached to the receding gums. After a few days to heal, you should be back to normal again with gums that adequately protect the roots of the teeth, and enhance the look of your smile.

Be Comfortable with Your Care Giver – Female Periodontist in Mississauga

As with any health care professional or specialist, you need to feel comfortable and confident that you’ll get the best possible care. Periodontal Associates is a team of five male and female periodontists serving Mississauga Oakville and Brampton. The highly-trained doctors and their staff are able to communicate with patients in English, Vietnamese, Greek, Italian and Portuguese.  

Dr. Quyen Su – Periodontist in Mississauga 

Periodontal Associates, Dr. Quyen Su specializes in the treatment of gum disease and also provides cosmetic procedures such as dental implants to reconstruct and enhance smiles in Mississauga, Oakville, and Brampton. Other services including pocket reduction surgery, gum grafting, crown lengthening, permanent dental implants and more are also provided. Find information and resources for patients on all of these procedures and many others on our website.   

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