Periodontal Disease - PA Perio MIssisaugaQ. I have just returned from an appointment with my dentist and she has recommended that I seek a second opinion from a periodontist for the beginnings of periodontal disease. I have spent some time researching the root causes, potential solutions and costs of periodontal disease but I am still left why this happened in the first place. Was there something I could have done to prevent periodontal disease? One of the key reasons I want to know is that I have two kids and want to help do whatever I can to ensure they don’t go through this as well. Please help me determine the underlying causes so we can put some preventive measures in place now. Thank you…

A. Thanks for your question. We have many patients just like you in the Mississauga, Oakville, Brampton, Toronto areas and they often come to us with the same questions… what could I have done to prevent this? What causes periodontal disease?

All of us at Periodontal Associates in Mississauga are glad that you started the conversation about periodontal disease with us.

Of course, all patients and situations are unique, so while we can’t answer why you specifically were diagnosed with periodontal disease until we have a chance to talk with you further and do a thorough examination, we can provide you with some general background that might start answering some of your questions.

The first thing you should know is that you are not alone. Seven out of 10 Canadians will develop gum disease at some time in their lives and it can remain in hiding until you have a real problem or until your dentist notices a change. While there are definitely preventative behaviours you can take, sometimes periodontal disease is just inevitable despite your best efforts. In looking at what you can do to help your kids avoid periodontitis, ensuring they practice good oral hygiene from an early age is a great start.

Risk Factors

Sometimes good oral hygiene isn’t enough. There are risk factors that have nothing to do with how well you brush, floss and follow up with your dentist. Some of these risk factors include:

Genetics: Some people are pre-disposed to getting periodontitis and nothing they can do will prevent it. (Sorry.)

  • Poor Nutrition: Your nutrition choices affect more than your waistline. What you put in to fuel your body can impact your oral health too.
  • Age: As we age, periodontal disease risk factors increase. Adults over 35 years lose more teeth to gum disease than to any other cause. 70% of Adults over 65 years have periodontitis.
  • Stress: Stress reduces your body’s natural immune system and can make you more susceptible to illness, including periodontal disease
  • Smoking / Tobacco: Think twice about taking that first puff… it can increase your risk of periodontal disease…even if you quit.
  • Systemic Disease: Those with diabetes show the greatest predisposition to also being diagnosed with periodontal disease.


We totally understand that there is so much to take in when you first hear that you might have periodontal disease. Our team of periodontal experts have the distinct honour of helping patients through this journey in the most caring, respectful and professional way possible. Thank you for opening up the lines of communication with us and we hope to see you at our Mississauga location soon!

Contact us today if you have questions about Crown Lengthening, Gum Recession, Dental Implants or any other Periodontal Disease at 647-360-9742.

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