Periodontal health can have an affect on our overall health. Statistically speaking, men are less likely to go to the dentist, even though they have a higher incidence of plaque and tartar than women. These reasons may factor into why 56.4% of men get periodontal disease compared to 38.4% of women. All of those men need to be aware of the ways in which periodontal disease in men can complicate other health issues.


Men before age 30 and after age 70, are at a higher risk of developing impotence if they have a periodontal disease. Studies suggest that prolonged chronic inflammation (like with periodontal disease in men) can damage blood vessels and lead to impotence.


When the prostate becomes inflamed or infected with prostatitis it secretes more of an enzyme called Prostate-specific anitgen (PSA). This enzyme serves an indicator of cancer or other medical conditions in men. Men who have prostatitis in addition to symptoms of periodontal disease – red, swollen, irritated gums – have any even higher level of PSA than in men who have only one of the two conditions. These results show that prostate health and periodontal health can have an effect on each other.


Heart disease and periodontal disease are both chronic inflammatory conditions. Studies point to an even more intricate connection between the inflammations, suggesting that those with periodontal disease are at increased risk of contracting a heart disease. Men have higher rates of heart disease and higher rates of periodontal disease. Preventing periodontal disease in men may go a long way towards reducing the risk of heart disease.


Men with periodontal disease run a higher risk than women of developing a number of cancers. They have a 49% higher risk of developing kidney cancer, 54% higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer, and a 30% higher risk of developing blood cancer. Additionally, men who have had periodontal disease have a 14% higher risk of developing cancer over men who have never had gum disease.


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