Having a history of heart trouble in my family I was cautioned that I needed to keep a close eye on my oral health. This would include watching for any signs that could lead to the development of Periodontal Disease. I learned that the connection between Periodontal Disease and heart health is that the blood stream can carry harmful bacteria from your mouth to your arteries potentially causing blockages.

After learning this vital information I went on a search to find a Periodontist that would be able to guide me in properly managing my overall oral health. The Mississauga based Periodontal Associates team was instrumental in identify any potential problems and created an effective treatment plan for my current condition.

It has been suggested that people with Periodontal Disease are twice as likely to develop heart health issues. It is therefore recommended that those who are genetically prone to heart problems have regular check ups and adhere to a prevention, or maintenance, plan based on the condition of their oral health.

The link between Periodontal Disease and heart health is as follows:

  1. Harmful bacteria will enter the bloodstream from the gums
  2. Oral bacteria is prone to sticking to the fatty plaque in the bloodstream which in turn contributes to blockages in the heart
  3. This will invoke an inflammatory response causing the blood vessels to swell which will reduce blood flow and increase the risk of clots

Compromised heart health is one side effect of the harmful bacteria that results from Periodontal Disease. If you are experiencing any discomfort in your mouth such as, bleeding or swollen gums, painful chewing, persistent bad breath or mouth soars a complete exam is recommended to determine the course of treatment. If diagnosed with Periodontal Disease the most important next step is to treat the symptoms effectively to prevent further damage. Contact Periodontal Associates Mississauga office today at 647-360-9742 for a full consultation.

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