Non Surgical Periodontal Procedure Mississauga


Whenever possible, periodontal health should be reached and maintained through the least invasive means available. Non surgical periodontal procedure Mississauga treatments, therefore, should always be considered first. Scaling and Root Planing, while effective, does have limitations on how serious a condition it can repair. Should non-surgical treatments prove unsuccessful, or if the periodontal condition has progressed passed a certain point, surgical options are considered to return the mouth to a healthy state.


Non-surgical periodontal procedure options including daily cleaning and routine check-ups may not be enough to prevent tartar buildup below the gum line. When the bacteria grows out of reach of regular cleaning practices, Scaling and Root Planing procedures are necessary to clear the areas. The process carefully removes plaque and tartar from the tooth in deep periodontal pockets. Once the toxins have been eliminated, adjunctive therapy – local delivery of antimicrobials or antibiotics may be recommended to help prevent regrowth of the bacteria. In certain cases, antibiotic fibers may be inserted into gum pockets to control infection and encourage a normal healing process. If gum pockets are not reduced, other treatment options are considered.

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