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Many people only think about the health of the teeth—regular brushing and flossing to prevent cavities and decay. And as a result, they neglect the gums. But did you know that good oral health includes both the teeth and gums?

In fact, when you are in good oral health, there should be less than a 2mm to 3mm gap between the base of the teeth and gums. Gum disease can cause pockets to form and increase in size, eventually damaging the teeth and bones.

At Periodontal Associates, our periodontists perform gum surgery or osseous surgery to remove these pockets and the bacteria in them and restore the health of your gums. Among dozens of periodontists in Mississauga, find out how we specialize in osseous surgery and gum disease treatment.

What is gum surgery?

Also known as osseous surgery, this procedure is performed when bacteria builds up in the gums and forms pockets. As gum disease progresses, it causes the gap between your teeth and gum to widen more than 5mm. This makes the affected area hard to brush and floss, and even with a professional cleaning by a hygienist.

Essentially a pocket reduction surgery, gum surgery involves removing these pockets by cutting back the gums and repairing damaged bone. If left untreated, these pockets get deeper and cause more bacteria to accumulate until the teeth are damaged and need to be removed.

Why is Gum Surgery Performed? The Goals of Osseous Surgery

The main purpose of gum surgery is to remove the pockets formed by gum disease. In its early stages where gum disease hasn’t spread to the jawbone and tissues, it’s still gingivitis, which can be treated through root scaling and planing.

When left untreated, it can progress to periodontitis. At this stage, root scaling and planing are no longer possible. You will need osseous surgery to treat severe gum disease.

Osseous surgery will eliminate pockets along the gum line. This prevents worsening of gum disease, damage to the bone, and loss of teeth. Gum surgery is highly successful, and with good oral hygiene habits, prevents more pockets from forming.

How is gum surgery performed? The Periodontal Associates Process

At Periodontal Associates, our periodontists specialize in performing gum surgery in Mississauga. With every osseous surgery, our goal is to remove or reduce the pockets formed by gum disease, prevent worsening, and restore healthy gums. Here’s how:

1. Gum surgery consultation

The first step in treating severe gum disease is a visit to one of our periodontists in Mississauga. They will assess the size of the pockets and their spread along the gum line. Then, your periodontist will provide more information about the procedure, as well as your anesthetic and sedation options.

2. Pocket reduction

An osseous surgery typically takes one to  two hours. To start, your periodontist will administer a local anesthetic on your gums to numb the area and keep you comfortable during the procedure. Then, they will make a small incision along the gum line and fold back the gums to remove bacteria build-up underneath.

3. Contouring and bone grafting

Depending on the severity of gum disease, the bone may be damaged or irregularly shaped. Your periodontist will smooth down or contour these areas. If the bone has degraded, they may also place a bone graft to restore its strength.

4. Closing and recovery

Once all the pockets have been removed, your periodontist will sew your gums back in place and cover them with a periodontal dressing to manage post-op bleeding.

Recovery After Gum Surgery

Gum surgery is a fast and often successful treatment for gum disease. But like any oral surgery, you will need at least a few days to recover. It’s important to follow your periodontist’s instructions regarding your diet, pain medications, and daily activities to ensure a fast and successful recovery.

Here are some recovery tips for gum surgery:

  • Have someone drive you home after gum surgery, since you were on anesthesia
  • Eat soft foods only for the first few days after the procedure
  • Do not use a straw to drink until your mouth is fully healed
  • Avoid physical activity after the surgery
  • Place an ice pack on your cheeks if there is swelling
  • Change the gauze pad regularly, as advised by your periodontist
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater for as long as advised by your periodontist
  • Avoid smoking.

Why do you need a periodontist to perform gum surgery?

Gum or osseous surgery is the most advanced treatment for severe gum disease. You’ll need more than your family dentist to remove the pockets caused by gum disease, and prevent damage to the bone and teeth.

At Periodontal Associates, our clinic is led by highly trained and board-certified periodontists. After graduating from dental school, they trained in a three-year post-graduate program where they learned to diagnose and treat diseases that affect gums, tissues, and bones that support the teeth. With these qualifications, our periodontists are fully equipped to perform gum surgery and restore the health of your gums.

How much does gum surgery cost?

The cost of gum surgery is determined by the severity of your gum disease—the size of the pockets and their extent of the affected area. If you have dental insurance, a part or the full cost of your gum surgery may be covered. Our periodontists in Mississauga can tell you the exact cost of your gum surgery and payment options during your consultation.

At Periodontal Associates, we consider these factors to determine the cost of your surgery:

  • Extent of gum disease and pockets: The biggest consideration in every gum surgery, the size of the pockets determine the complexity of the surgery and how much work needs to be done to eliminate the pockets and treat damaged bone.
  • Insurance coverage: Depending on your dental insurance coverage, a part or the full cost of your gum surgery can be covered. The higher your coverage amount, the less you pay out-of-pocket.
  • Your periodontist: This is the most important factor. The qualifications and experience of your periodontist greatly informs the success of your gum surgery and future prevention of further gum disease.

What to look for when choosing a periodontist for surgery in Mississauga? The Periodontal Associates Difference

Periodontal Associates is one of the leading gum surgery clinics in Mississauga. We’ve achieved this distinction through the work of our board-certified, highly skilled, and experienced periodontists. With extensive training in periodontal surgery, we can effectively treat gum disease with osseous surgery. Find out more about our commitment to patient care, from consultation to post-op care and long-term periodontal health.

  • Gum surgery expertise: Our periodontists are highly trained in periodontal surgery. We train in diagnosis and surgical techniques for treating gum disease to restore your healthy gums.
  • Personalized treatment: We understand that every case of gum disease is unique. That’s why our periodontists in Mississauga are dedicated to developing a personalized treatment plan according to your needs.
  • Affordable gum surgery: Periodontal Associates is committed to making gum disease treatment accessible to more people. We accept most insurance plans and offer payment options.
  • Convenient located, fully equipped clinic: Our state-of-the-art clinic is conveniently located in Mississauga, close to major highways and accessible from anywhere in the GTA.

Are you suffering from gum disease? Periodontal Associates recommends gum surgery for treating gum disease for good. Find out more by booking a consultation with our periodontists in Mississauga.

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