Mississauga Gum Surgery


When gum disease progresses past the point where non-surgical means can restore health, the patient will require surgical intervention. Mississauga gum surgery is performed to eliminate diseased gum pockets, removing infected tissue, and re-contouring uneven bone.


Periodontal disease destroys the tissue and bone surrounding your teeth. The disease forms pockets around the tooth, where once there was snug pink gum tissue. As these pockets grow larger, the area becomes more difficult to clean, allowing for bacteria to thrive. Bacteria will multiply and advance under the gum tissue, where the infection will continue. When too much bone or tissue is lost, the tooth needs to be extracted through Mississauga gum surgery.

If the pockets become are too deep to clean at home, a pocket reduction surgery is the best option for repair. The procedure involves opening the gum tissue to eliminate the bacteria, and eliminate the areas where the bacteria may hide. The healthy gum tissue is better able to reattach to healthy bone. The gum is returned to a healthy position only once the area has been cleaned and smoothed out.

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