Crown Lengthening – Learn More About the Process

Crown Lengthening MississaugaYou only have one chance to make a good first impression and a nice smile is a part of that equation. Ensuring you have a strong foundation for any work that might be required to obtain that brilliant smile is one of the key roles our expert team of periodontists at Periodontal Associates can perform.

Your dentist may talk with you about needing dental crowns for any teeth that require protection or are cosmetically unappealing, or extensive fillings to repair damage. In some cases, the original tooth is not exposed enough to support the procedure, so a periodontist will need to perform a crown lengthening procedure to enable your dentist to continue with the additional procedure.

Crown Lengthening: The Process

Exposing more of a tooth may sound like a painful and invasive process, but rest-assured, it is common and, while there is some discomfort as you heal, the techniques used today by our Periodontal Associates team are gentle and we’ll walk you through every step of the process from initial examination to final healing.

Here’s what you can expect when having a Crown Lengthening procedure:

  • First, your periodontist will make cuts to pull the gums away from the tooth or teeth, exposing the roots and the surrounding bone.
  • If your periodontist believes that removing a small amount of gum tissue will expose enough tooth for your dentist to place a crown or filling, they will stop there, however, in most cases, the periodontist will need to remove some bone from around the roots of the teeth to expose more surface area.
  • Once the periodontist has exposed enough tooth, the surgical area will be washed with sterile salt water and stitches will be applied.

Post Crown Lengthening Procedure

Following your procedure, your team will talk with you about what to expect as you heal, including bleeding, swelling and potential sensitivity to hot and cold. While these will fade over time, it will take approximately 6 weeks of healing before your dentist can proceed with their procedure.

We’d love to collaborate with you and your dentist to provide a strong foundation for your smile. Talk with the experts at Periodontal Associates today. Make your first impression, brilliant!

Contact us today if you have questions about Crown Lengthening, Gum Recession, Dental Implants or any other Periodontal Disease at 647-360-9742.

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