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Since 1982, Periodontal Associates doctors are extensively trained in Implantology and kept up to date with the most current information on implantations.

A dental implant acts as an artificial tooth root providing the foundation for a replacement tooth or bridge. After a tooth is lost, the gum tissue in that area is prone to recession and the adjacent teeth are at risk of weakening. Filling that space with a dental implant and replacement tooth preserves facial structure, preventing bone degeneration. Having a full set of teeth makes is more efficient, resulting in a healthier mouth, and a more confident smile.


Dental implants are replacements for a lost or extracted tooth. In order to receive an implant, the patient must be in good general health and have good oral health, aside from the missing tooth. Candidates are evaluated for periodontal disease, to ensure they have healthy gum tissues, and suitably stable bone structure in the area of the implant. A full dental/radiographic exam and health history will be completed. Once patient goals have been discussed, the decision for a dental implant can be finalized.


Where a tooth has been lost, a dental implant will be surgically placed. The implant is a small titanium anchor placed into the bone tissue like a tooth root. The post extends out from the gum tissue to be affixed to an artificial tooth. The titanium bonds with the bone to form a strong foundation for the replacement tooth.


After assessing the patient’s periodontal condition and discussing where and how a dental implant will be placed, a treatment plan is created for the surgical process. In some cases, the implant and tooth restoration can happen concurrently. In other cases, preemptive procedures – like Sinus Augmentation or Ridge Modification – may be required before a dental implant surgery can take place.

Once the implant area is of adequate condition for an implant, the surgery is usually broken down into two procedures. The first procedure is implant placement, followed by a variable healing time. During the healing process, the implant will gradually bond with the bone tissue. Until this process is complete (approximately 2-6 months), a temporary replacement tooth may be worn.

Occasionally, there is second procedure of the implant therapy to uncover the implant and attach it to a healing collar. After another short healing time, an impression of the area is taken in order to craft a tooth to fit the implant and match the patient’s smile. All posts and attachments are placed at this time.

The overall surgical process averages 4-9 months from start to finish, and patients experience minimal disruption to their daily lives.


Artificial teeth are to be treated just like natural teeth. They require a consistent cleaning and flossing routine to keep the implant clean and plaque-free. A post-surgery care plan that best suits the patient’s needs will be developed. Follow-up appointments will be necessary to monitor the implant, and ensure the surrounding bone and gum tissue remains healthy.

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