I had a single tooth missing from my bottom teeth for about a year, and I decided, it was finally time to look into having it fixed. I knew I had to replace the tooth, but I wasn’t sure what my options were. After my research, I concluded there are two recommended options. The first, and most popular, is a dental implant. The second, and far less popular option, is a bridge. To get an expert opinion, on which was the better option for me, I contacted Periodontal Associates in Mississauga to book a consultation.

Upon arrival, Periodontal Associates were very calming and reassuring. The team explained, with a single tooth replacement, it was better to go with the dental implant procedure. This is the winning choice, as upon completion, the new tooth will blend seamlessly with my other teeth, and keep my jawbone strong. But, before I could commit to having the procedure done, I had a couple of questions.

What are the main advantages to having a dental implant? Periodontal Associates took me through the dental implant procedure, and explained that there are 3 main advantages. The first notable advantage is the fact that a dental implant will function exactly like a natural tooth. Another significant advantage is that no other tooth, or teeth, will be impacted through the procedure. With a bridge, the adjacent teeth must be ground down to support the cemented bridge, resulting in otherwise healthy teeth, being disrupted. A third advantage to the dental implant is, it will replace the root, thus preserving the jawbone. With other procedures the jawbone can be damaged and show signs of deterioration. A dental implant keeps the bone in its natural healthy state.

What is involved with the dental implant procedure? The procedure may vary for individual cases, but in general, there are three steps. The first step is to implant a screw into the jaw and allow the two to bond together. This bond will be the anchor for the implant. The second step is to attach an extension which completes the foundation for the new tooth. The final step is to attached the new tooth to the post. After these steps are complete you will have a restored tooth – and a gorgeous smile!

Contact Periodontal Associates for all your Dental Implant, Periodontal Disease or Cosmetic Dentistry questions or concerns. The team at Periodontal Associates, in Mississauga, will be happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding your oral health. You can reach Periodontal Associates today at 647-360-9742 or by filling out the form below for a full consultation.

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