Once I discovered that I may be a candidate for dental implants, I became curious about the entire process from beginning to end. Having some understanding of the dental implant procedure itself I began to question – how much time and money it would cost me before and after the actual procedure? I was particularly curious about the necessary after care (dental implant post procedure) – how many subsequent visits to the office I would have to make? Would any updating or replacements be required in the future? I set out to get answers to my questions. Being from Mississauga, I began by researching specialists in the Mississauga area and fortunately came across the Periodontal Associates.

What I found out about the dental implant post procedure

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that dental implants are one of the procedures that required minimal, if any, long term repair. This was fantastic news and the good news didn’t stop there. I discovered the cost of the dental implant procedure is generally a one time cost covered, or partially covered, by some dental plans. The reason for this is that once the procedure is done – it’s done. There are no subsequent procedures, updates or replacements needed in most cases – regular cleaning of the teeth and gums will maintain that new gorgeous smile.

The only area that may require some extra attention are the pre and post procedure visits. I was informed I would likely need to make a few visits to the Periodontal Associates office in Mississauga. The visits will ensure the measurement, structure and timing is completely correct, and once the dental implants are in place, regular visits throughout the year will be required for check-ups. The post check-ups are to ensure the dental work is settling and working properly.

Once in place dental implants require the same care as natural teeth. Learning this was yet another huge advantage to this procedure. Dental implant post procedure flossing and brushing will keep teeth looking healthy and beautiful for years to come. The professionals at Periodontal Associates will be able to demonstrate proper flossing and brushing techniques to ensure the new dental implants are always sparkling.

If you are considering dental implants in the Mississauga area contact the Periodontal Associates. The team will be happy to discuss pre and post care as well as any questions regarding the procedure itself. Contact us today at 647-360-9742 for a full consultation.

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