What you need to know about my experience at Periodontal Associates – Dental Implant

dental implantI have needed a dental implant for several years now. I have had the misfortune of watching one of my front teeth become discoloured as it slowly died. As my tooth became more grey, I found my smile was slowly dying too. Recently, I was fortunate enough to gain employment with good dental benefits attached.

I spoke with my Dentist immediately about the options for saving my smile from this darkening digit. He suggested receiving a replacement tooth and gave me the contact information for his most well-regarded periodontal referrals, Periodontal Associates.

Periodontal Associates, out of Mississauga, specializes in matters of the bones and tissue in our mouths. The staff was pleasant and easy to arrange an appointment with – even answering some of my initial questions over the phone. My evaluation was relaxed and educational, and I gained a thorough understanding of my situation, my options, and my future treatments. They even made the discussion of payment options stress-free, helping me get everything in line with my finances and benefits. I left my appointment optimistic and informed.

The Periodontist and Assistant took the time to explain how my dental implant procedure was going to work. Essentially, the implant would act like an anchor under the gumline to hold a customized replacement tooth. There’s a surgery to affix a tiny titanium implant to the jawbone in the spot of the extracted dead tooth. The Periodontist will then cover the implant with the gums and allow time for healing. During the healing process, surrounding bone will bond to the titanium, making it a permanent part of the mouth, like a real replacement root! There are no worries about having apparatus to pop in and out like with dentures or a retainer. Once the area is prepped with the implant, they would just screw my tooth right in!

In my particular case, still having my tooth in place meant that I didn’t have any complications that required a prepping surgery before the implant. But for those who are missing a tooth and have had bone deterioration as a result, they may receive a pre-emptive procedure like bone grafting or sinus grafting to prep their mouths to receive and stabilize the implant.

Several months after my extraction and implant surgery, there was another minor surgery to uncover the implant and affix a healing collar. And then I was ready to receive my specially crafted (and wonderfully white!) artificial tooth. As soon as my new tooth was screwed into place, it looked as if it had always been there. Confidence returned to my smile immediately. I spent the rest of my time there grinning at everyone in the office.

If you could see my smile, you’d know why I recommend Periodontal Associates to all my friends and family. They turned a very sensitive spot for me into a source of pride. I thank them for making my dental implant procedure stress-free and completely successful. It’s an investment that has definitely given me a lot to smile about.

North York

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