Mississauga Dental Bite Adjustment

Mississauga Dental Bite Adjustment

If you have all (or most) of your teeth, your teeth are not damaged by daily usage, and if you can bite down without any excessive pressure points, congratulations! You have a healthy bite.

When teeth begin to show wear, or become loose, or if you develop TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) issues, however, it is time to take action to improve the mechanics of your bite.

Getting your bite back to normal does not have to involve intrusive surgeries. Our Mississauga dental bite adjustment experts understand that often, bite therapy alone can restore your bite to a healthy state (there aren’t even any anaesthetics needed for bite adjustment appointments!).

Some common bite therapy approaches include:

• Reshaping: Altering the surfaces of the teeth used for biting eliminates areas that show signs of excessive pressure. By dividing bite pressures across all of the teeth evenly, the bite pressures become uniform. A uniform bite allows for healthy mechanics and more effective chewing.
• Bite Splint Therapy: A bite splint is a plastic bite guard, custom-fitted and adjusted properly, to keep your teeth apart. This apparatus can be worn in the day, at night, or both, depending on what type of therapy is required and what level of relief is needed.
• Braces: Poorly aligned or drifted teeth can be repositioned with the assistance of braces. Realigning trouble teeth will bring the bite back to a uniform, healthy state.
• Tooth Reconstruction: If a tooth is worn out or damaged it can create excessive pressure points. Old teeth can be rebuilt or reconstructed to fit in properly and create a uniform bite.
• Filling Replacement: Just as worn teeth can negatively affect bite mechanics, so too can old fillings. Worn out and damaged fillings can create excessive bite pressures. By replacing troublesome fillings with new ones, bite pressure become uniform and mechanics return to their proper function.

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