Do you know if you have gum disease? Chances are, you won’t notice until symptoms, such as swollen and bleeding gums worsen. When you’re past the early stages that can be reversed with good oral hygiene, it’s best to visit a periodontist in Etobicoke and find out your treatment options.


Pocket reduction surgery is one of the most widely recommended treatments for gum disease. This eliminates pockets where bacteria can collect and cause periodontal disease to worsen. As a result, it prevents the teeth from falling out and the bone from deteriorating.


Are you experiencing symptoms of gum disease? Learn all about pocket reduction surgery from experienced periodontists in Etobicoke.


What happens when I have gum disease?


Swollen and bleeding gums are just the beginning of gum disease. When left untreated, gum disease can progress, leading to tooth loss, damage to the jawbone, and increased risk of other health conditions.


Over time, gum disease will cause periodontal pockets. These pockets form as plaque continues to build up around and in between teeth, creating gaps between the teeth and gums. Periodontal pockets will then cause the gums to recede, teeth to fall off, and the jawbone to lose its density. As these pockets continue to collect bacteria, gum disease will only continue to worsen.


If the periodontal pockets have become too large, your periodontist may recommend pocket reduction surgery to prevent further damage.


What is pocket reduction surgery?


Pocket reduction surgery is a procedure performed by periodontists in Etobicoke to remove bacteria trapped in between the gums and teeth, and reduce the gaps or pockets between them. By removing bacteria and reducing the pockets, pocket reduction surgery can prevent gum disease from advancing.


Do I need pocket reduction surgery?


While early stages of gum disease can be treated with deep cleaning techniques like scaling and root planing, pocket reduction surgery becomes necessary in the latter stages of gum disease. 


When the pockets become too large and the infection has progressed to the jawbone or caused teeth to fall off, you will need pocket reduction surgery. Your periodontist will use a periodontal probe to measure the gap between the tooth and gums. Pockets that are 2 to 3 mm that don’t bleed can still be considered healthy. If the pockets are greater than 5 mm, your periodontist in Etobicoke will recommend the surgery.


Benefits of Pocket Reduction Surgery


Pocket reduction surgery is one of the best ways to prevent gum disease from worsening, and restoring your healthy smile. Periodontists recommend this procedure because it involves both cleaning out gum disease-causing bacteria, and repairing the damage already done. 


Depending on the degree of gum disease you’re currently experiencing, your periodontist may also recommend combining pocket reduction with a bone graft or bone regeneration to treat bone loss.


Let’s have a closer look at these benefits to see how pocket reduction surgery stops gum disease in its tracks:


  • Prevents bacteria and plaque from spreading to surrounding healthy teeth
  • Prevents bone loss and gum disease from worsening
  • Once the plaque and bacteria are removed, and the pockets are reduced, it will be easier to maintain good oral hygiene habits
  • Restores the appearance and health of teeth and gums that look brown and rotted due to gum disease


How is pocket reduction surgery performed?


Do you feel anxious at the thought of oral surgery, let alone visiting your periodontist in Etobicoke? It’s a perfectly common reaction. However, this shouldn’t mean missing out on a crucial procedure that can save your gums, bone, and teeth. 


It’s important to remember that your periodontist strives to keep you safe and comfortable throughout your pocket reduction surgery, and as well in recovery. Start by finding out what happens during the procedure.


  1. Your periodontist will administer a local anesthetic to numb the area and keep you pain-free and comfortable. They can also work with you to find alternatives if needed, such as sedation.

  3. Then, your periodontist will pull back the gum tissue to access the built-up plaque and tartar.

  5. Next, they will clean out the bacteria, as well as remove any diseased gum tissue.

  7. Afterwards, your periodontist will reshape any rough or irregular bone surfaces. This will prevent bacteria from accumulating in uneven surfaces in the future.

  9. And finally, your periodontist will suture the gums as close as possible to the teeth. This will reduce the pocket depth, ensuring that healthy gum tissue is attached and bacteria won’t be able to accumulate again.

If you have advanced bone loss, your periodontist may also perform additional procedures, such as bone grafting or bone regeneration before suturing the gums in place.


Lastly, keep in mind that the time it takes to perform pocket reduction surgery is different for everyone. It all depends on the severity of the periodontal pockets and the number of affected teeth.


Recovery from Pocket Reduction Surgery


Like any surgery, pocket reduction is likely to cause common side effects, such as swelling and discomfort. But, try not to worry so much. Your periodontist in Etobicoke will provide you with post-op instructions to follow, including:


  • Apply a cold compress to the swollen area
  • Take any prescribed medication for managing the discomfort and prevent infection
  • Eat a high-nutrient soft-food diet for two weeks to avoid injuring the treatment areas, as well as deliver essential vitamins and nutrients that help with recovery.


Is pocket reduction surgery right for you? Ask our periodontists in Etobicoke

As you’ve seen, gum disease has a number of adverse effects, including pockets or gaps between the teeth and gums. As the gum tissue pulls away from the teeth, you’re not only left with this unsightly result, but you’re also more vulnerable to worsening gum disease that eventually reaches the jawbone.


At Periodontal Associates, we strive to provide the best treatment for your needs. Our team of periodontists in Etobicoke are dedicated to developing a fully customized treatment plan that restores healthy gums. Beginning with your consultation, we’ll tell you if pocket reduction surgery is right for you, and what the procedure and expected results will be like. You can count on us in Etobicoke for full-scale periodontal health, from pocket reduction surgery to long-term care.


Are you ready to get started with pocket reduction surgery in Etobicoke? Talk to our periodontists today, and learn how this procedure can treat advanced gum disease.

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