As kids, many of us grew up scared of the dentist and dreaded any time we had to go, whether for a check-up or a simple procedure. And no matter one’s age, this anxiety can persist. In fact, for some, this anxiety can be so crippling that it prevents them from getting the periodontal treatment they need, particularly extensive treatments like dental implant surgery. Unfortunately, this means suffering from poor quality of life outcomes and worsening periodontal health.


So, how do we fix this and make sure that a periodontist can successfully treat your gums and missing teeth? First of all, let’s set the record straight: you’re not alone. It’s perfectly normal to feel anxious about a periodontal procedure, especially a major procedure like dental implant surgery. However, with a periodontist in Oakville who’s dedicated to your safety, comfort, and long-term oral health, you can get a handle on your anxiety and have all your concerns addressed.


Is your fear of periodontal treatment getting the better of you? Don’t let it get in the way of crucial treatment. See how our periodontists can support you to ensure a worry-free and successful dental implant procedure in Oakville.


How to Relieve Your Anxiety Before Dental Implant Surgery


Periodontal procedures vary in length and complexity. Some treatments are minor and don’t involve anesthetic and experiencing discomfort. On the other hand, procedures like dental implant surgery are completed in stages and require reaching all the way into your jawbone. As such, they take longer to heal and you may experience mild pain and discomfort afterwards.


However, your periodontist in Oakville is here to ensure that you get the treatment and long-term results you need, while maintaining your comfort and safety. A good periodontist will address your fears and concerns, and tell you everything you can expect. This way, you’re fully prepared, and can make an informed decision about your periodontal treatment.


Let’s take a look at what this means in terms of relieving your anxiety prior to dental implant surgery or other periodontal treatments.


1. Communicate with your periodontist


You will have ample opportunity to talk to your periodontist and get your concerns addressed. The best periodontists are always ready to listen to you and answer your questions. The consultation appointment is the best time to talk to your periodontist one-on-one (or be accompanied by a family member for support). 


You can use this time to ask all your questions about the procedure, recovery time, potential risks and complications, and your periodontist’s approach to avoiding these. Similarly, you can ask your periodontist about their training and experience, so you’re confident in their skills. It’s in your best interest to be as transparent as possible, so your periodontist can ensure a smooth treatment.


2. Learn about the procedure


A lot of times, our anxiety comes from not knowing what to expect. This is why it’s always a good idea to learn as much as you can about your upcoming periodontal procedure. Ask your periodontist about the steps, whether or not you will be awake, the recovery time, success rate, and other key information about the procedure. In addition, your periodontist may provide additional resources you can read at home, so you’re fully prepared for the procedure.


3. Talk about your fears


A standard periodontal consultation covers an assessment of your gum disease or tooth replacement needs, the procedure, and outcome. But if you’re feeling anxious, this may not be enough. It’s helpful to talk to your periodontist about your fears and what exactly is making you anxious. 


For instance, if you’re worried about post-op pain and recovery time from getting dental implants, your periodontist can address these specific concerns. By talking to your periodontist about your fears, they can take appropriate steps to minimize these.


4. Bring a loved one to the appointment


By now, you already know that you can’t drive yourself home after receiving an anesthetic or being sedated, so it’s important to have someone pick you up from dental implant surgery or other major periodontal procedure. But did you know that this isn’t the only time it’s helpful to have a familiar face with you?

During your consultation, it may be helpful to bring along a partner, spouse, or other family member or friend. They can help you talk to your periodontist so they also know how they can support you after the procedure.


5. Ask about sedation or other medication


For most periodontal procedures, you will be given an anesthetic to numb the area. However, if the procedure is extensive—such as if you’re getting dental implants—you can also ask your periodontist about other medications. For instance, they may recommend sedation to ease your anxiety completely. They may also prescribe painkillers to take at home and ease your discomfort.


6. Meditation and breathing exercises


Whether you’re a yogi or not, you likely know about the calming powers of meditation and breathing exercises. Deep breathing, for instance, can help regulate your mental and emotional state, and keep you from worrying. Deep breathing floods your body with a generous supply of oxygen, which helps you relax in time for your periodontal procedure.


7. Listen to music or podcasts


And finally, you can listen to your favourite relaxing music or podcast while waiting for the procedure. Similar to breathing exercises, these creature comforts are soothing and can even desensitize you to the sounds, sights, and smells in the procedure room.


8. Follow the ACE rule for eating


You likely won’t be able to eat and drink immediately before your dental implant procedure in Oakville. But, you can still make your previous meal count.


Did you know that eating healthy can help you relax in time for periodontal treatment? Food that’s rich in Vitamins A, C, and E are good for powering your brain and reducing your anxiety. Add oranges, sweet potatoes, broccoli, tomatoes, and other similar healthy options to your diet to help relieve your anxiety. Plus, avoid caffeine before your procedure to reduce stress since it’s a stimulant that gets your heart and mind racing.


Have a Comfortable Treatment at Periodontal Associates


With all of these tips for relieving anxiety, you should be in good shape and ready for your periodontal procedure. Our periodontists in Oakville are here to help you relax and make sure you’re comfortable before beginning your dental implant or other periodontal treatment. They will tell you this: don’t overthink and over-analyze. 


We’re here to provide the information you need about your procedure, answer questions, provide accommodations, and make you feel safe enough to share your fears and hesitations. Most importantly, we’ll address all of your concerns so that you can proceed with the necessary treatment worry-free. You can trust that with our professional skill, periodontal knowledge, and years of experience, we can handle the heavy lifting, so you can relax and focus on the positive outcomes of your periodontal treatment.


Feeling anxious about your dental implant procedure in Oakville? Don’t be. Our friendly and knowledgeable periodontists are here for you. Talk to us about your concerns, and we’ll address them before your periodontal treatment.


At Periodontal Associates, our team of caring, experienced periodontists are always here to help. We’ll discuss your fears and help you find ways to cope with anxiety before your procedure – ensuring that you feel safe and comfortable during the entire process. Contact us now to get more information about our services.

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